Get involved!

Any member of GLOBICE may participate to ship-based surveys, provided there are enough places available on-board.  Each trip is an opportunity for an emotional encounter with marine mammals; however, priority is always given to data collection on cetaceans. Your membership must therefore not be only motivated by a wish to see whales and dolphins, but rather by a desire of getting involved in their conservation.

Several options are possible to join GLOBICE:

 • Become a regular member: you wish to support our association without getting involved in our different activities. Your membership is thus a financial support and enables us to expand our network.

 • Become an active member: you wish to join the association and get involved in our programs. Your time and help will be a support to our activities (presentations in schools, website maintenance, participation in public events, sponsorship research, data collection at sea, etc.).

Membership to GLOBICE is annual and costs 30 euros, whatever the date of inscription.
New members may subscribe only from November 1st to May 31st of each year.

To join the association, please contact us by e-mail: